Nandy Doesn’t Deny Leadership Rumours

On Sunday Guido brought you rumours doing the rounds in Labour circles that – don’t laugh – Lisa Nandy is the left-wing choice to be the next Labour leader. “She is young, northern, a woman, good-looking and an ethnic minority,” noted one backer.

In today’s Telegraph Sophy Ridge also tips Nandy for the job and asks her whether she has leadership ambitions. She doesn’t deny it:

“I was asked if I was plotting about a leadership bid when I had a one month baby, and just getting dressed in the morning was an achievement. I came into politics because I wanted to make a positive difference. That’s still what I’m about now.”

Nandy is hardly the party’s most talented rising star, and surely they would learn the lesson from making a lefty, uninspiring TV performer their leader. Though the massive new Corbynista membership base means the chosen lefty successor, whoever it is, will be tough to beat…

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