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Millionaire anti-capitalist Vivienne Westwood is weighing into the fracking debate again this morning by driving a tank to Cameron’s Chipping Norton family home and calling for “regime change in Britain“. Tank protests are so March 2015

In a statement bonkers even by Westwood‘s increasingly unhinged standards, she likened the issuing of fracking licenses to Assad raining sarin rockets down on civilians:

“Cameron accuses foreign leaders such as President Gaddafi and President Assad of supposedly using chemicals on their own people as a justification for regime change. But he is doing precisely that here in Britain by forcing toxic, life threatening Fracking chemicals on his own people…It’s time for regime change in Britain.”

As if the Gaddafi and Assad comparisons weren’t enough, Vivienne also slurred Richard Edelman, the Jewish CEO of of the PR firm who represent the independent Task Force on Shale Gas:

 “Edelman is Goebbels” 

Take your meds, Vivienne…

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