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Good to see the No to EU campaign is putting aside its differences and uniting behind the cause… or not. When eurosceptic blogger Pete North emailed the pugnacious founder of the controversial ‘The Know‘ group, Arron Banks, politely offering some advice about his campaign, Banks responded with the following. Look out for the last line…

From: Arron Banks
Date: 28 August 2015 18:42:13 BST
To: Pete North
Subject: Re: 50,000 people love their country

Thanks for the email peter !

I’ve started three direct insurance companies the first one from a desk and two telephones and know a bit about marketing .

The 50,000 Facebook followers have in fact been attracted on a reasonable budget using demographic techniques we understand v well. The call centre will call over 20 million people over the year.

They include conservative , labour and UKIP supporters – we have a very clear strategy which will become apparent with the launch of the website.

I think the existing eurosceptic groups are full of very clever people all telling each other how clever they are.

Since we have only been operational a month and have 50,000 supporters I will bow to your greater knowledge .

I’m a simple businessman that built and sold three insurance businesses , owns a bank , a major diamond group in Kimberly and a major leisure business in the south west .

There is a lot of talk and not much action in the eurosceptic world so hopefully this will at least get people off their backsides !


I was tempted add I hope you die in a freak yachting accident but since it’s the bank holiday I will wish you a good one !!!

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Banks also cleverly appears to have cc’d around 60 prominent eurosceptics in his email. Play nicely…

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