How Switching to Renewables Hit Ordinary Germans in the Pocket mdi-fullscreen

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Germany’s grand plan to switch to renewable energy while keeping costs under control is falling apart at the seams. Figures released today show costs are rocketing by €28 billion a year. The astronomical price rise was revealed by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, who claim households now pay an additional €270 as result of the the energy switch. The greenies who advocated the German renewable revolution claimed it would cost consumers the equivalent of one cappuccino per month…

As Gaia has pointed out before, the policy of guaranteeing renewable energy companies a fixed price, even if their electricity isn’t used, has led to surges of power in the north of the country, where there’s wind power, while the south of the country receives none of it. The situation has got so ridiculous that the German government is paying billions to hold the coal power plants it took offline “in reserve” for emergencies. Das ist Bescheuert!

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