Burnham Backs Corbyn in Cooper Bunfight

Andy Burnham has slammed Yvette Cooper for slamming Jeremy Corbyn, as the Labour leadership race descends into an almighty bunfight. Burnham spent nine minutes sucking up to Jezza on Wato, tacitly criticising Cooper and Blair:

“If we’re just attacking people and making dire warnings it is misreading what we are seeing… it misreads the mood of the party”


What does Andy think about the Corbynista entryists?

“It is a wonderful thing that 600,000 people are now signed up to vote in our election. We said we wanted to open up politics, we have done with this contest.”

Compare and contrast: Cooper (belatedly) takes fight to Corbyn directly, Burnham speculates about serving in his Shadow Cabinet, flirts with and defends him. Well, there are votes in it…

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