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One thing is troubling Guido about the otherwise enjoyable PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future by Paul Mason. If, as he argues, goods and services no longer respond to the dictates of neo-liberalism as parallel currencies and time banks, cooperatives and self-managed online spaces flourish with vast numbers of people changing their behaviour, discovering new forms of ownership, lending and doing business that are distinct from, and contrary to, the current system of state-backed corporate capitalism, why is he selling the book on Amazon?

Why didn’t he upload the text to a self-managed online space? Not very “post-capitalist” is it?

mdi-account-multiple-outline Paul Mason
mdi-timer August 4 2015 @ 12:33 mdi-share-variant mdi-twitter mdi-facebook mdi-whatsapp mdi-telegram mdi-linkedin mdi-email mdi-printer
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