Moneybags Burnham Trails Despite Six Figure Funding Bonanza

A Guido investigation can reveal that Jeremy Corbyn is leading Andy Burnhan in the Labour leadership race despite Burnham raising over £100,000 more in donations.

Burnham has declared £132,000 of donations towards his leadership bid, accepting cash from lefty doctors, the hippy green subsidy sponger Ecotricity and defence lobbyist Howard Borrington, among others.

Yvette Cooper has trousered £82,000, £50,000 of which came from shamed ‘expenses Queen’ Barbara Follett and her husband Ken, who have been longstanding financial backers of the Balls-Coopers.

Liz Kendall has declared only £36,000 of donations, her benefactors include Patricia Hewitt and Blairite obergruppenführer Tim Allan of Portland.

Corbyn meanwhile has declared a grand total of zero, suggesting he has yet to cash Unite’s cheque or receive a single donation above the threshold at which MPs have to disclose funding. He has raised over £30,000 in small donations from individuals through a crowdfunding effort.

So far Burnham’s effort to buy the leadership is trailing Corbyn’s austere campaign…

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