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Cooper says that last night’s poll proves that only she can beat Corbyn, when it fact it says the complete opposite:

“This doesn’t reflect our internal data and significantly understates the huge number of members and supporters giving Yvette their first preference. However, what it does show is that Yvette is now the only candidate who can win the leadership election and then reach out to the wider electorate to win the general election in 2020. We won’t do that by shifting a narrow party further to the left or by returning to the dismal days of the 1980s, with internal party warfare and almost two decades of Opposition. Party members know that to change the country, we need to deliver a Labour government. Yvette is the only candidate who can both win support across the Party but take the fight to the Tories as a credible Labour Prime Minister.”

Burnham supporters also suggest that their own canvass data shows Corbyn is ‘doing well, but not that well’. This piece of spin is lamentable though:

So if you change the rules, their boy will win. Riiiight…

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