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My fantastic girlfriend bought me afternoon tea on the Palace of Westminster terrace as part of a surprise weekend in London for my birthday on Saturday 18th July.  As we waited in the Central Lobby at 1:50 pm, I was asked by a security guard if I “was part of Keith Vaz’s group”.  I replied that I certainly wasn’t, then we were asked to move to one side and a large party was waved through, about 50-60 people heading towards the terrace.

A rather hassled usher explained to a visitor next to us that Keith Vaz had “booked in a large group right at the last minute” and that he “is always doing this”.

When we were let through after a delay, we were shown to an inside room along with the other approx. 50 people who had tickets.  The waiter explained that we were inside because there was an MP’s party using the terrace.  I didn’t mind too much and still enjoyed the time, but my girlfriend was really disappointed that we were not outside on the terrace by the river as she planned.

I know this is really small beer, but thought I would write to you on the off-chance.  Maybe you have some other information this adds to or it will lead you to something.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Vaz is at the very least using his perks to the absolute maximum- quite possibly beyond.  Who are these large parties on the terrace and why so many of them?  If Parliament’s a gravy train he’s always struck me as being in First Class.

Vaz really thinks he can get away with anything…

UPDATE: Guido understands that TV chef Ainsley Harriot put in an appearance and that there was Zoomba dancing.  Naturally…

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