BBC Spins For its Life

The BBC’s war on waste continues with an expensive cinematic advert that is never off our screens at the moment. It is being dutifully tweeted out by all of the Beeb’s top names:

The BBC say the expensive production was commissioned to “celebrate the unique role that the BBC plays in all of our lives”:

“For waking us up, and getting us going. For making us laugh, and making us cry. For expanding our minds, and broadening our horizons. For standing us on the shoulders of giants, for taking us to new worlds. For all our hopes, and our dreams. For not just watching, but living too. For all the days of our lives and all the moments we share. For all of us.”

Guido would FoI how much licence fee payers’ money was spent on this waffle, but transparency isn’t Auntie’s strong point.

Almost as if they are taking advantage of their massive media monopoly to beam propaganda into the nation’s front rooms, ahead of the coming battle for their future…

Meanwhile, in a bid to show that he’s getting it, moany-Tony Hall is re-announcing his cap on resettlement payments. Media Guardian report:

“The BBC has revealed that its bill for redundancy payments fell by 30% to £18m last year as it begins a fightback against Conservative criticisms that it has become wasteful and is squeezing out commercial rivals.

The broadcaster’s annual report, which is published on Tuesday, will argue that a decision by the director general, Tony Hall, to cap severance deals at £150,000 has already resulted in significant savings…”

The BBC-Guardian Axis of Liberals gearing up for counter-attack to defend BBC’s monolithic status quo…

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Quote of the Day

Rafael Behr writes…

“By 2012, the number of Brits with more or less active Twitter accounts had overtaken the number of people who regularly bought a newspaper.”


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