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The Cooper / Kendall rivalry took a bitter turn last night after a pointedly headlined article by Labour MP Helen Goodman was pushed by the Yvette campaign:

“As a parent”? Liz supporters aren’t the only ones interpreting that as a crass reference to Kendall being childless…

Guido asked Yvette allies if this was a bit of a low blow – they denied the article or tweet made any implication about Liz:

“I don’t think talking about family finances, childcare, the ‘sandwich generation’, youth mental health, child protection and online and women and children as victims of crime is a low blow.

We don’t choose the headlines. The piece is all about the issues Yvette has based her campaign and her career around. There is no reference to any other candidate.”

They might not have chosen the headline, but they did tweet it in full. And the Kendall camp has not taken it well. To think they all promised to be nice to each other after the Taliban New Labour handbags

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