Fabian Sophistry Over Failure to Pay Living Wage

After Guido’s story about the Fabian Society calling for a mandatory Living Wage yet failing to pay it, Andrew Harrop, the general secretary, tweeted insisting the hourly rate was Living Wage and the official Twitter account said there was “nothing to see here”:

Of course the amount the Living Wage Foundation says you need to live on in London is £18,080 and the amount the Fabians’ lucky new Events and Office Assistant, based in London, will be paid is just £16,653. Harrop even had the audacity to email demanding a correction because it was a 35 hour week with unpaid lunch breaks. Something unions have long campaigned against for employees working a full working day.

So how does the Fabians’ new employee get to earn a living wage? Do they get a second job, presumably in their lunch-hour? Answers on the back of a Fabian pamphlet…

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