EU’s Taxpayer-Funded Rap, Graffiti and Skateboards Propaganda Video

To mark European Co-operation Day, your EU taxpayers’ money has been spent on this three minute long song serenading the “success” of the European project:

Lyrics include:

“It wasn’t always easy / 

But look at our success /

25 years and more to come /

Let’s celebrate this fact”

Presumably they have all the time in the world to skateboard and graffiti because EU youth unemployment is so high.

All together now: “Europeeeeaaaan co-operaaaaationnnn…”

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Quote of the Day

Professor John Curtice makes a prediction on LBC…

“I will make a prediction. There are going to be a record number of non-Conservative and non-Labour MPs as a result of this election. That makes it difficult for the Tories and Labour to win an overall majority.”


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