People’s Assembly Inflated Protest Figures Last Year As Well

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity’s spurious claim that 250,000 people attended their protest in London did not stand up to scrutiny when Guido investigated earlier this week. The real number was closer to 25,000.

It turns out this isn’t the first time these lefties have had a problem with numbers. After the 2014 People’s Assembly protest – which was significantly smaller than this year’s event – Owen Jones appeared on the BBC to demand they give more coverage to the “50,000” people on the march:

50,000 was the number press released by the People’s Assembly.

If this year’s event only had 25,000 people attending, how could 50,000 have turned up to last year’s smaller event? 

The Socialist Worker report on the 2014 protest has the answer: the real number was much lower than Owen claimed.

“Up to 20,000 people marched against austerity in central London today, Saturday, in a loud and lively protest called by the People’s Assembly.”

More people turn up to watch Sheffield United play Walsall… 

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Quote of the Day

Speaking at the Salzburg Summit on the Brexit negotiations, Juncker revealed:

“No decision will be taken here. Whenever the Commission is too flexible things are going wrong.”


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