Uber-La-La! French Taxi Drivers Attack Courtney Love


Lazy French taxi drivers are rampaging today  in protest against Uber. They accuse the taxi app of creating an “unfair competitive situation”…

Aside from their usual past time of flipping cars and burning tires, the taxi drivers have for some reason attacked Courtney Love and have taken her driver hostage.

Vive la révolution!


Courtney Love is demanding François Hollande comes to rescue her.


Courtney escapes

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Quote of the Day

Dr Alexander Kogan, the app developer who originally harvested the Facebook data, said…

“I think what Cambridge Analytica has tried to sell is magic and made claims this is incredibly accurate and it tells you everything there is to tell about you. But I think the reality is it’s not that. If you sit down and you really work through the statistics and you think what does a correlation of point three means, those claims quickly fall apart. And that’s something any person with a statistical background can go and do.”


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