Lancet: You’re All Going To Die


The Lancet’s Commission on Health and Climate Change has just released its hotly anticipated report into the threat posed by global warming to humanity. It makes for grim reading.

Apparently climate change will wipe out the past 50 years of medical advances, putting the health of “billions” at risk. All the usual suspects are having a headline field day…

What is the solution to this impending onslaught of disease, famine and “extreme climatic events“?

“The report calls on governments to phase out coal-fired power plants and improve cities to promote healthy, greener lifestyles, making them better places to walk and cycle to cut pollution and obesity… Politicians should also bring in carbon pricing to push up the price of high carbon goods and services to make people change their behaviour, while reducing the cost of other taxes such as VAT, boosting investment or cutting the price of low-carbon technology.”

Well, they were right about MMR…

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Quote of the Day

Marc Almond on Emma Thompson…

“Emma Thompson has arrived in her gas guzzling carbon footprint stomping jet to serve Vegan food from the boat parked on Oxford Circus while the Yoga classes are taking place on Waterloo Bridge! Haha really? Couldn’t make this stuff up.”


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