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Greenpeace have enlisted a new “sacred, powerful, spiritual, healing and protecting” weapon to help them in the battle against the forces of evil fossil fuel extracting: magic mud. Gaia believes the mud in question is tǝmǝł, an ochre coloured paste traditionally used by the Musqueam First Nation people of Canada.

“It is one of the most sacred, powerful, spiritual, healing and protecting medicines that people have being using for as long as we have existed… It protects our light, it protects the goodness in us, it protects us especially if we have to do work where there is bad energy. We aren’t just going up against Shell and their drilling, what we are actually standing up against is the evil and the greed that has put this world in the condition that we are in right now. We need as much protection as possible..”

No wonder Putin took no chances with them..

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