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Jim Murphy is giving his valedictory speech at Policy Exchange this lunchtime.

He’s got some choice words for the Tories, and goes surprisingly easy on Miliband:

David Cameron seized the time and was out on the morning after the referendum to make an announcement about English Votes for English Laws. At 2am on referendum night I was in the BBC studio to be told by Michael Gove that the Prime Minster would unveil his plans that morning. Instead of travelling to Scotland to celebrate and thank Scotland he did the opposite.

His aim?

To create a grievance to engender an English nationalism.

He failed initially.

But then he succeeded beyond his wildest ambition.

The SNP seized on Camerons actions as proof of the bad faith of Westminster and used it to bind the Yes vote together.

The full force of this wasnt felt until the short campaign.

But an infernal machine had been created in which the threat of the SNP holding the balance of power at Westminster fuelled an English backlash which in turn added to some non-nationalist Scottish voters who last year voted No then voted for the SNP last month.

Of course, Labour’s wipeout was nothing to do with taking the heartland for granted for decades, completely miscalculating why people were voting SNP, poisoning the well themselves and letting Gordon Brown run the Scottish Labour Party for thirty years. Nope, still the evil Tor-ees.

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