Vaz Spins Hacking Line in Yet Another Passport Scandal

Keith Vaz

The timing of Keith Vaz’s latest passport scandal is rather suspicious given the forthcoming Select Committee elections:

The former head of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz, has been reported to the parliamentary standards commissioner after lobbying visa officials on behalf of a controversial cricketing tycoon.

The senior Labour MP wrote to Sarah Rapson, the director-general of UK visas and immigration, asking whether IPL cricket league founder Lalit Modi’s “travel document could be made available”, the Sunday Times revealed.

You would have thought alarm bells would ring for Vaz the second he put pen to paper regarding a passport, but the man is – at best – brazen.

The only thing more suspicious than the timing is the ‘I woz hacked’ line, just published on Vaz’s website:


I have recently become aware that my email address may have been hacked, and confidential emails may have been downloaded. The hacking of computers is a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

When communicating with me or my office, the only email addresses which should be used are or

It’s far more likely he was done in by a rival candidate for Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, or a Home Office insider…

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