Guardian Cynically Uses Heatwave Tragedy to Sell Global Warming


In what is a perhaps a new low for the Guardian, the Observer ran an article on Sunday using the tragic deaths in India’s ongoing heatwave to advance their climate change agenda:

“This is a scenario we should get used to seeing more of, scientists say. As the effects of climate change take hold and global temperatures creep up, extreme heat events will become more common.”

There’s just one problem with the sensationally titled articleThe heat and the death toll are rising in India. Is this a glimpse of Earth’s future?“, as even the article caveats later on, blaming the deaths on climate change is a little far fetched for a region that has been hit by heat-waves throughout recorded history.

“It is hard to say for sure whether any single extreme weather event is a result of man made climate change, but this is a scenario we should get used to seeing more of, scientists say.”

Do they have no shame?

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Quote of the Day

Marc Almond on Emma Thompson…

“Emma Thompson has arrived in her gas guzzling carbon footprint stomping jet to serve Vegan food from the boat parked on Oxford Circus while the Yoga classes are taking place on Waterloo Bridge! Haha really? Couldn’t make this stuff up.”


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