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David Cameron’s new policy chief Camilla Cavendish is a former Greenpeace member who believes “mankind’s desperation to chase fossil fuel reserves has led us to the edge of technology and the edge of reason“. Writing in the Sunday Times back in 2013, Cavendish lavishly praised Greenpeace’s efforts to stop deep sea oil drilling and lambasted the government for not taking action:

The less that politicians, journalists and friends talk about these issues, the more we assume they cannot really matter — since otherwise someone would do something. Experiments have shown that the inaction of other people can make us underestimate threats. We have retreated into a comfortable conspiracy of silence, which is dangerous.

She goes on to warn how Arctic sea ice has shrunk by about 500,000 sq km a decade since 1979 and it could disappear completely by 2023. Last year Arctic ice increased significantly for the second year in a row…

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