Japanese Maglev Spanks Sluggish HS2 mdi-fullscreen


Central Japan Railway have been showing off the test runs of their shiny new Maglev train this week, with the levitating super-train clocking in a top speed  of 375mph. That’s 125mph more than the projected top speed HS2 will run at..

When the Tokyo to Nagoya Maglev line is complete, the train will run at 314 mph. Techno couldn’t resist doing some back-of-fag-packet maths – the 173 mile Maglev line from Tokyo to Nagoya will take 40 mins, running at the same speeds it would do the 119 mile London to Birmingham leg of HS2 in about 28 mins. HS2 will take 49 mins and is more expensive. Another fine mess…

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