Anti-Fracking Parliamentary Candidate Wanted to Work for Frackers

mark hill

Mike Hill, the independent parliamentary candidate for shale-laden Fylde in Lancashire is running on an anti-fracking platform. So rather awkward then that he once tried to get a job with gas exploration company Cuadrilla. An email obtained by Gaia Fawkes can reveal that just two years ago Hill tried to shop his “technical” and “engineering” services to the former CEO of Cuadrilla.


Despite his willingness to work for a major fracking company and his claims of not wanting to lend his “professional credence” to the “utter nonsense” of the anti-fracking movement, Hill has spent the last few years leading the ‘intellectual’ charge against shale in the UK.  Just months after writing to Cuadrilla, Hill was commissioned by Friends of the Earth to write their response to the Environment Agency’s technical guidance on oil and gas operation.  A fracking moratorium is Friends of the Earth’s top strategic objective

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