Make It A Beer Tax Hat Trick, George

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Beer is our national drink. Pubs are the heart of our communities. Each year 3 billion pints and almost 1 billion meals are served in pubs the length and breadth of the country. Seven in ten drinks sold in pubs are beer.

But beer is over-taxed. We pay 39% of all beer duty in the EU despite only drinking 12% of the beer. This is despite two recent cuts in beer duty from the Chancellor in his 2013 and 2014 Budgets. We want George Osborne to join the elite group of hat-trick heroes and make a third successive cut in duty to keep pints affordable for pub-goers.

Poll: Who is your ultimate hat-trick hero?

A hat trick of beer duty cuts would secure jobs and investment for UK pubs. Pubs and brewing support almost 900,000 jobs in the UK and provide £13bn to the economy. Visit where you can try your hand at being the Chancellor and see the impact of cutting beer duty. Join the campaign to #cutbeertax and email your MP asking for their support.

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