Back to the Future – With Home Ownership

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Great Scott! Homeownership has reached its lowest level in 29 years. We’re heading back to pre-Thatcher levels of owning. Only a third of 25-34 year olds now own with a mortgage, compared to 53% in 2005. And the Bank of Mum and Dad (aka – the parents of middle England) are panicking.

So why does this matter? Every party needs a positive message to tell the electorate. And housing could be the answer. No party has a decisive lead on housing with voters – it’s an area yet to be claimed. Pledge to boost home ownership by building more affordable homes – around 250,000 a year – and the party that does could kill two birds.

Worried parents up and down the country would be reassured that the kids will be alright – that they do have a future. And voters would see the party aren’t all about doom and gloom. That there’s light at the end.

Influential commentators on the right and the left agree. And best of all, KPMG and Shelter have already done the homework, to show how it can be done.

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If anyone thinks the answer is Jeremy Corbyn, I think they’re probably asking the wrong question.


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