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After years of apathy it appears that British companies are finally waking up the the fact that the internet is a scary place and cyber threats are a real a present danger to their business. Cybersecurity specialist Trustwave have gone through the last three annual reports of FTSE 100 companies to look for references to ‘cybersecurity’ as a risk or uncertainty facing the business. In 2012, only 49% of companies referenced online security, in 2013 it was 60% and by 2014 it was 76%.

The data confirms that cybersecurity in now a mainstream corporate issue, not just for tech companies but other businesses as well; health care companies on the FTSE 100 increased their awareness of cyber security from 25% to 75% between 2012 and 2014. The exact reason for the brisk uptake in interest in cyber-crime is up for debate, but it’s fair to say the highly publicised costly embarrassment of Sony Pictures by hackers might have something to do with it.

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