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A top Israeli security analyst claims to have found proof that ISIS are receiving donations online via Bitcoin. The Islamic loons are allegedly soliciting donations of the digital cryptocurrency on the Dark Web, that hidden part of the internet favoured by arms dealers and nonces. The claim gives credence to warnings by counter-extremist experts, that the recent crackdown by the security services on websites relating to terrorism would only serve to drive extremist groups into online spaces where they are harder to monitor.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency with no central authority that is difficult to trace and that anyone can use. ISIS supporters have suggested using Bitcoin before as it removes the need to rely on dirty pig dog government-backed fiat currency and it would make secretly funding jihadists simple and easy. But the funding website found on the Dark Web with a Bitcoin address that allowed anyone with an internet connection to donate to an ISIS cell, is the first evidence we have of Jihadis taking advantage of Bitcoin digital currency transfers. Crypto-jihad!

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