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David Cameron has revealed his latest master plan to undermine online terrorism – he wants to ban Snapchat, an application widely used by young people to securely share saucy pictures. The PM wants to ban any form of communication that the police and GCHQ aren’t able to crack. Mobile phone applications such as Snapchat autodestruct messages after they have been read, making them perfect for the Brooks Newmarks of the world.

Presumably Dave also wants to outlaw out all form of encrypted communication, an essential tool used by journalists, whistle-blowers and dissidents to safely communicate.

“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which even in extremis, with a signed warrant from the Home Secretary personally that we cannot read…. My answer to that question is no we must not.”

It seems “what’s the Buzzfeed” Dave still doesn’t know how the internet works.

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