Delivering Capacity & Competition With Less Environmental Impact… Gatwick is the Clear Choice

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The Airports Commission, appointed by the Government, will consult on a straight choice between Gatwick and Heathrow for one new runway in the South East by 2030.

The runway debate has been going on for decades now – and further delays are something that the UK really can’t afford. Every month construction of Britain’s next runway is delayed is another month of missed economic growth.

At Gatwick, we can build a runway much faster than at Heathrow, and without any taxpayer funding.

We don’t face the challenges of having to build a runway over the M25, and we won’t have to fly 130,000 extra planes over Central London every year.

We can start building our runway quicker, so Britain can start building its future faster.

Expanding Gatwick will also strengthen the UK’s network of airports and create greater competition in the industry, meaning passengers will benefit from lower fares and better service.

Gatwick already flies direct to more destinations than any other UK airport – building a second runway would also strengthen our routes to emerging markets.

So, let’s just make the right decision for Britain’s future. London Gatwick, obviously.

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