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The hon-hon Tristram “Hereditary” Hunt in Education questions was followed by Chris Bryant defending the hereditary property rights of council house tenants.

Labour is becoming as much a Byzantine family dynasty as a political party.

In the Labour Shadow Cabinet, the leader is one half of a fraternal duo sired by a scion of the Left. He is followed, or complemented by… twin sisters, a husband-and-wife team, and Harriet Harman – who’s married to a Labour MP for whom she fixed a constituency, and who has a son, Joe, himself looking for a seat.

Then there’s Hereditary Hilary (with his niece Emily – if she makes it she’ll be the fifth generation of Benns in parliament).

Gone to the Lords is another hereditary Hilary, the ex-chief whip who inherited her seat from her father.

Tristram Hunt’s father is in the Lords, too, as we know, as is Lindsay Hoyle’s.

John Cryer’s mother and father were MPs (and he’s married to Ellie Reeves on Labour’s NEC – she is Rachel’s sister).

Keith and Valerie Vaz are brother and sister.

Peter Mandelson skipped a generation but is the grandson of Herbert Morrison.

Other looming hereditaries include: Euan Blair, Will Straw, David Prescott, Georgia Gould and Stephen Kinnock.

“Labour MPs need to put their children’s name down for a good constituency as soon as they’re born. There’s no excuse not to.”

Who said that?

No one’s said it out loud. The prudent ones just think it.

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