Fix the Roof While the Sun is Shining Update

Everything you need to know about today’s unemployment figures:

  • Employment rate is 72.0%.
  • There were 30.09 million people in employment aged 16 and over, up 250,000 from May to July 2013 and up 485,000 from a year earlier.
  • Uunemployment rate is 7.4%, down 0.3% from May to July 2013 and down 0.5 from a year earlier.
  • There were 2.39 million unemployed people aged 16 and over, down 99,000 from May to July 2013 and down 121,000 from a year earlier.
  • Economic inactivity rate is 22.1% (the lowest since 1991).
  • Total pay rose by 0.9% compared with August to October 2012.

Which all makes for a fun PMQs for Ed later…

Labour are admitting this is good news but already hammering out their line that it is the ‘cost-of-living crisis’ that really matters. A ComRes poll today shows just 25% see the cost of living crisis as an economic priority, with 41% saying they want the government to focus on growth. Another great Miliband public opinion success…

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Quote of the Day

Fresh from making his campaign pledge to kill off old people, Jeremy Hunt says on Islamophobia…

“We have to be whiter that white ourselves… we have to make sure we are dealing with this issue…”


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