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Charles Walker’s point of order yesterday on an arcane point of procedure may be of interest to  historians of the long conflict between the Government and the Speaker.

The Government has noticed that the Speaker is flirting with the idea of seizing a wrecking power to himself.

He wants to be able to destroy the Government’s timetable by selecting any number of amendments to the Queen’s Speech.

In his infinite twistiness, it’s his reading of Standing Order 33.

Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone –  known Speaker-stooges – have tabled a proposition allowing the Speaker to callunlimited amendments (supported by Christopher Chope and John Baron).

According to Thomas Docherty’s point of order yesterday, the Speaker has bent the Clerks into supporting that idea as well.

The Leader of the House (whose most recent skirmish with the Speaker took a more populist turn, see here) wants to limit the number of selectable amendments to three.

Who knows when this will come up for a vote? It’s normally in the power of the Whips’ office to schedule business. But the Speaker may have something up his sleeve to get the Remaining Order onto the floor of the House next week.

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