Saturday Seven Up

This week 149,737 visitors visited 366,137 times viewing 616,404 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were:

  1. Exclusive: Cops Trying to Remove Private Eye From Shops
  2. LISTEN: Fabricant Calls Russell Brand a “Tw*t” Live on Air
  3. Tory Meltdown in Wandsworth
  4. Google Wrecking Ball
  5. Brooks and Coulson Were Lovers For Six Years
  6. WATCH: Gordon Brown Forgets He is an MP
  7. Yet Another MPs’ Expenses Scandal Coming
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Quote of the Day

Paul Goodman as sagacious as ever on Arron’s entryism…

“… one must watch for former UKIP donors and a very few left-of-Party-centre MPs propping each other up, like drunks at the end of a pub crawl. It suits the former to claim the power to organise a programme of mass infiltration. It suits the latter to react by complaining about extremist entryism. The rest of us should keep a cool head.”


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