Tebbit Uses Parliamentary Privilege to Call Brown a Tax Dodger

Lord Tebbit used parliamentary privilege yesterday to point out an interesting take on the former Prime Mentalist’s finances:

“My Lords, is my noble friend aware that a very good precedent has been set on the avoidance of tax by the immediate past Prime Minister, Mr Brown? He does not pay tax on the earnings that spring from the things he does as a former Prime Minister because he gives all those earnings to charity. Is that not an example which might be followed by other former Prime Ministers?”

Tebbit must be softening in his old age; Brown does not reveal how much is actually given to charity, yet he insists every newspaper regurgitate his weak claims that he does not personally take any money from his outside earnings, but instead uses the cash to fund his company named the “Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown”. The “office” that flies Gordon around the world first class and puts him up in five star hotels so he can kid himself that he is still relevant.

So how much does the “office” pay Sarah Brown?

How much is sitting in the “office” bank accounts for when the “ex-politician” becomes an “ex-MP”?

Then again, Gordon was always very good at masking the real numbers…

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