SKETCH: If Ofgem Needs Teeth – Give Them Ed Miliband’s mdi-fullscreen

Will you now apologise? No, YOU apologise. And will you now do what I say you should do? You agreed with it. You started it. You voted for it. Why don’t you vote for it? No, YOU! You were in office. You’re in office. If you had any strength of character. By your own admission. Petty politicking! No, it’s YOUR politicking that’s petty. No, YOURS is, YOU’RE petty. I’ve got a really feeble line to show how useless you are. Well, I’ve got an even more useless line to show how even more useless you are. That’s so weak! I’ll tell you what’s weak, you are. No I’ll tell you what’s weak – you are! No, YOU, it’s not me that’s weak it’s YOU that’s weak, not me! That’s such a con. I know you but what am I? SO weak!

Cameron has a good argument, Miliband has a popular but ridiculous proposition. Why hasn’t it been despatched?

If Blair had been confronted with IDS and an industrial price freeze – there’d be nothing left of him at all. A faint aroma of quickly-eaten kebab, perhaps.

However, Miliband is still demonstrably there – defending the indefensible, proposing the impossible. It’s a great reproach for the Prime Minister. He really should have polished him off by now.

NB: Bercow upbraided a Labour member. That’s worth reporting. He used it to equalise an earlier assault on a Tory PPS. When he roared at the Labour man he broke into and destroyed the rhythm of Cameron’s grand finale. He does these things so deftly.

Has the 1922 sent their protest letter to him yet? Any information welcome.

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