SKETCH: Speaker May Have to Rule on His Own Behaviour

It’s said a delegation from the Tory 1922 committee is being sent to the Speaker, to complain of his bias against them.

Why now? Timing is always mysterious.

For years, Gallery Guido has wearied readers with the observable fact that Bercow lashes Conservative infractions with loathing and contempt – but chides similar Labour flaws with oily approval.

He even documented a late-night occasion which showed active co-operation between Speaker Bercow and the Labour Whips to ambush the Government. There was also the case of allowing his pet Chris Bryant to call the Health Secretary a “liar” – a manoeuvre that took no little procedural preparation.

The Speaker’s behaviour hasn’t changed – so why a delegation now?

More than one observer in the Gallery at PMQs noticed the filthy look that Cameron shot at the Speaker when “conman” was ruled unparliamentary language.

He was up against it and the intervention of a bent ref may be the last straw.

It may simply be that Cameron, personally, has reached the limit of his patience.

But there was also talk of a row. What Tory could possibly object to the facts as they so clearly present themselves?

The vice chairman of the 1922 is Charles Walker – for whom the Speaker actively campaigned to become Procedure committee chairman. Walker was also the popsy to be appointed deputy Speaker while Nigel Evans was on gardening leave – that plan fell through when the Commons resisted.

As the Speaker’s preferred candidate in his succession plan, Walker now finds himself between two great powers. His sponsor and his electorate. It will take no small skill to slalom through that lot.

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