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Guido has spent the last few weeks arguing for green energy tax cuts. This is Green Ed’s cost of living crisis, so it makes sense for the Tories to bin their commitment to these taxes now, and let Miliband be the one who pledges to increase energy prices at the next election should he want to bring them back. Green taxes bump up gas and electricity bills by up to 9%. 

At PMQs Cameron promised he would act:

“Where John Major is absolutely right is that the bills have reached a completely unacceptable level and need to take action on that and we need to help people pay their bills and help to get bills down. We also need to roll back the green charges that he put in place.”

The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesperson confirms: “One way or another, the PM is determined to roll back green levies”.

Just this month Cameron said that green taxes were “necessary”, and of course he was all for them in opposition: “We think the share taken by green taxes should go up. My policy of green energy first is absolutely right”. This is a significant u-turn, but it has potential. Until now the Tories have largely failed to respond to Ed’s energy bill freeze policy. A point driven home in the chamber today. Let’s see what comes of Dave’s promise…

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