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Norman Tebbit has opened up some old wounds with John Major following Cameron’s PMQs thrashing:

“I have been struggling for almost 24 hours to understand what was behind Sir John Major’s outburst of yesterday and still find it difficult to understand. Of course the poor fellow is still sore that the “bastards” in the Tory Party who prevented him from involving the United Kingdon in the great euro single currency disaster have been proven overwhelmingly right. However, he has made a great reputation as a loyal supporter of the Prime Minister, ever willing to fly a kite on behalf of No 10.

So why on earth did he spend so much time offering comfort to Mr Miliband and why did he suggest that a windfall tax on energy companies would reduce prices? Exactly was sort of windfall does he propose should be taxed? 

It is 16 years now since John Major’s self-induced recession saw him bundled out of office by Mr Blair’s New Labour. It is a pity that he is now giving so much comfort to Mr Miliband’s Old Labour Party, even to the extent of his sneers at Iain Duncan Smith’s brave and necessary efforts to deal with the pernicious evil of professional welfarism.

I cannot help wondering if his intervention was really more of a warning to the Prime Minister, not to raise hopes that there could be any worthwhile outcome to the proposed renegotiation of the European Treaties. It would be hard for Sir John to see the bastards who rightly opposed the Maastricht Treaty dominating the referendum debate in 2017.”


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