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Fair to say Theresa May didn’t take the news of Norman Baker’s move to the Home Office too well. His wacky conspiracy theories don’t end with his belief that Dr David Kelly was bumped off by an Iraqi death squad and had his death covered up by the British security services he is now helping to oversee.

  • Baker reckons that his computer hard drives were wiped remotely while he was sleuthing around the Kelly story
  • And that Robin Cook’s death was suspicious as it was on MoD land
  • He is also a sky-watching UFO obsessive, asking repeated questions in parliament about the activities of government UFO sighting investigator Nick Pope
  • About how investigations into UFOs are going
  • And why reports into UFOs were not made available to senior MoD figures
  • Baker once shared a platform with conspiracy theorists who argued 9/11 was an inside job by the US government, that there is a Nazi global microchipping agenda, and that there is a plot to shrink the earth’s population from 6 billion to 500 million super-humans

Baker’s ministerial duties include missing persons and forensic science. The truth is out there…

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