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The Mail are still not letting the row with Ed Miliband slide. Stephen Glover takes up the mantle today, reminding readers that Ed does not have the best of records when it comes to distasteful attacks. They have dug up the photo, revealed by Guido in 2011, of the Labour leader smiling with the Thatcher grave dancer. Glover expands on the politics behind the row:

“What we have seen over the past few days is a show of calculated hysteria on the part of the Labour leader. Of course, no man likes to hear his dead father publicly criticised. But, as I have said, one can think of a thousand more damaging criticisms than the one this paper made against Ralph Miliband. On one level, Red Ed knew that, as he has bound himself to his father in a series of speeches, he could not afford to let the accusation that Miliband senior had hated Britain go unchallenged. On another level, Ed Miliband realised that his diatribes against this paper would go down well with the party faithful, and possibly convince the wider electorate that he was stronger and more determined than they had thought.

He may also hope that, by creating such an almighty hullabaloo about his supposedly traduced father 19 months before the general election, he will somehow neutralise a potentially embarrassing issue — the influence of his Marxist father on his own beliefs — and deter the Press from returning to it in the near future. Let us acknowledge his political guile. But the notion that he is the hapless victim of an overmighty Press is as far-fetched as the suggestion that the Right is more successful in vilifying its enemies than the Left. In recent times, the opposite is much closer to the truth.”

Guido told Miliband once that he was going to be “Kinnocked” before the next election. Perhaps he was listening…

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