Ed’s McBride Crisis Management Expert

What luck Ed has this week by being able to draw on the expertise of someone so close to McBride as he fights the book storm. It was well documented that Labour’s new spinner Patrick Hennessy was McPoison’s drinking buddy, but as Guido revealed in yesterday’s Sun on Sunday column, Hennessy should also know exactly what will be coming when the book is released on Wednesday, given that it was often his byline on the more poisonous snippets about Brown’s Cabinet rivals. Especially about Charles Clarke. Not only did Hennessy help force Clarke out before 2006, his copy made sure he was kicked when he was down in 2008.

On another note, one line in the serialisation caught Guido’s eye:

“If somewhere, sitting in a drawer waiting to be deployed before the next election, are any damaging emails from Ed Miliband to Derek Draper, then I’d suggest this needs some attention”.

Guido will have to take another look in his old drawer.

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