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Amateur hour at the LibDem press office yesterday as they were unable to confirm on four separate occasions whether or not David Ward, present at conference, is a LibDem MP. Guido has now finally received confirmation that Ward has had the whip automatically reinstated. That despite last month’s promise it would not be automatic and that they would investigate his latest comments:

“This situation will be revisited when all parties return to Westminster. Bearing in mind these comments, they will play a very important part in any decision about his reinstatement to the parliamentary party.”

LibDems not keeping their word, whatever next?

To show he has learned his lesson, yesterday evening Ward attended a LibDem Friends of Israel fringe event. Guido’s source in the room says he was on his best behaviour, sitting there quietly taking notes but saying nothing. Impotent Chief whip Alistair Carmichael bleated that he was glad to have him back in the party.

Let’s not forget yesterday they also emailed out of date lines to take to journalists. Meaning this morning’s headlines are about tax increases. Slow clap.

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Quote of the Day

Liz Truss on the next Tory leader…

“In order to command public trust we need someone who has backed Brexit from the start, because of the situation we’re in now.”


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