Why Were 9 Cops Needed to Arrest Innocent Sun Journalist?

All Chris Pollard did was pick up the phone in the Sun newsroom and have a conversation with a woman who said she had found a mobile in a toilet. He never saw the phone, no story relating to the contents of the phone ever appeared. The Sun handed it to the police. Cleared after a year on bail, his story is extraordinary:

“I have no problem with the police making arrests when they suspect wrongdoing. But the way they are doing it is totally over the top and ridiculous. You don’t need to send nine police officers at dawn to a journalist’s house because you suspect them of handling a stolen mobile phone. No-one else suspect of committing these sorts of crimes would get that sort or reaction. It must be costing them a fortune. Nine officers is the entire police force of somewhere like Bexhill, you can’t justify it.”

Why does the Met need to send nine police officers to a journalist’s house to arrest him for handling a stolen mobile phone? Do they really think that is a proportionate response? Utterly disturbing…

Quotes via Press Gazette.

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