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And so the War of Joan’s Donation was all over before elevensies. First the LibDems and then very swiftly the Tories declared they would be paying the money to the Treasury. The Tories are blaming the executors of the will for telling them it was a party donation, but someone should have spotted this giant comm-tastrophe on the horizon and done some further due diligence. Questions still remain about how this decision was really reached. Congratulations to Clegg for sensing the backlash marginally quicker than his coalition partners, not that it stopped the cash-strapped LibDems from snatching up the money straight away. They need it…

So now Nick Clegg has set a precedent for paying back inappropriate money received, perhaps he would now like to  give back the money from dodgy fraudster Michael Brown? And maybe the Tories could pay the money Asil Nadir donated to the Department for Justice to cover his legal aid bills? Well played to the Mail, not least for getting Polly Toynbee to sing their praises this morning.

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