Mike Hancock Still Campaigning as a LibDem Suspended Weirdy Beardy Signs 2,852 EDMs Since 2010 mdi-fullscreen

Despite having the whip suspended, Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock is continuing to campaign as a Liberal Democrat. His latest leaflet clearly states that it was paid for and promoted by the Liberal Democrats. There is no mention of his ongoing woes and a voter reading the leaflet would have no idea the MP was currently suspended. LibDems brushing it under the carpet again…

In fact, Hancock even claims that “despite illness” he is more active than any other local MP. A ridiculous boast given that he has spoken in zero debates this year and attended well under half of the votes. In fact Hancock’s only real contribution to Parliament has been to sign every passing bonkers EDM. From 2010/12 he signed 1,914 and since 2012 until today he’s managed just 938. Hancock claims he is too ill to be investigated or face a court yet he can clearly still hold a pen.

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