LibDems Will Not Automatically Reinstate Whip to David Ward mdi-fullscreen

The agreement made between Clegg, LibDem chief whip Alistair Carmichael and David Ward that said the controversial MP would automatically have the LibDem whip reinstated on September 13 is in tatters. Carmichael is out of the country, though a LibDem source says “it would be difficult” to accept Ward back into the party after he openly defied Clegg yesterday by repeating his belief that the future of the state of Israel is not guaranteed. Spare a thought for Carmichael, who had his birthday ruined by Ward and is now having his holiday disrupted. A spokesman tells Guido:

“This situation will be revisited when all parties return to Westminster. Bearing in mind these comments, they will play a very important part in any decision about his reinstatement to the parliamentary party.”

When Guido put it to them that Clegg would look ridiculous reinstating Ward after yesterday’s comments, there was hardly disagreement… 

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