MPs Own Bone

Despite having the backing of the party leadership for once, Peter Bone lost last night in his bid to remain chairman of the APPG for Human Trafficking. Some have suggested he has not been as serious in his reelection campaign as the subject matter requires. Having his wife write rude emails to Labour MPs and politicising the issue beyond standard party bickering has bitten the professional moaner. Guido suspects that the whole Mr and Mrs Bone schtick is wearing a bit thin and his colleagues saw the chance to give him a slap…

UPDATE: Bone speaks:

“I would particularly like to thank all those Ministers who came to vote, despite their busy schedules. In fact, I know some travelled back just to vote. A special thank you to the Prime Minister who took the time to vote (especially as I am sometimes a pain in the neck for him!)”

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Quote of the Day

“Authoritarian? I wouldn’t actually describe the PM as being authoritarian because she doesn’t exactly have a lot of authority at the moment.”


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