David 'The Jews' Ward Off On One Again

Guido Fawkes Esq.

FAO Alistair Carmichael,

Chief Whip Liberal Democrats

Dear Mr. Carmichael,

Sincerest apologies for disturbing you on your birthday. 

On 27th February this year, following a meeting with David Ward MP, you wrote that you had “agreed language that will be proportionate and precise in your future interventions in this debate”. After your warning he said he was “disappointed and angry” at your letter.

This exchange came after Mr Ward had caused uproar over his comments concerning “the Jews”, including saying that he could think of no better day than Holocaust Memorial Day to discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Your party has repeatedly said that it is taking Mr Ward’s conduct “extremely seriously”, also promising “there will be consequences” if he makes similar comments in the future. You have also said that you have effectively given him a “yellow card”, despite him making controversial comments on at least three further occasions.

Unfortunately, yesterday Mr Ward chose to ignore your words once again. Writing on Twitter, he questioned the continued existence of the State of Israel:

Jeremy Newmark, chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, tells Jewish News the tweet will “only fuel the view that extremism and politics of hate are acceptable Lib Dem discourse”. 

I hope you find the time to take these comments into account before continuing your celebrations.


Guido Fawkes

Seen Elsewhere

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