McTernan the Tables

Former Brown strategist turned Aussie spin merchant John McTernan’s downfall down under sees him back on these shores offering glowing praise for Ed Miliband today.

“Can [he] turn it round? Almost certainly. [He] has grown in stature, is a robust parliamentary performer, more than able to hold own in a rowdy chamber, is a very effective communicator… and is likely to get Labour back on track for re-election.”

Only that wasn’t from McTernan’s piece on Miliband today, rather it was a 2010 article promising great things for one Julia Gillard. This morning he describes Ed in similar terms:

“No one should ever have doubted that Ed Miliband had steel. He took the crown at the first go – the top job, he reminded us, is not for the fainthearted or weak-willed. Having seized power he briskly rebranded the Labour Party”

Safe to say things didn’t quite turn out as he predicted first time round…

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Quote of the Day

George Freeman on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Position:

“The Leader of the Opposition’s Position is crystal clear – he’s for Leave up north and Remain down south.”


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