LISTEN: Gove Passes LBC Exam

Nick Ferrari did his best to stitch up the Education Secretary with a history and maths test on LBC this morning, but there was never really any danger there:

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He’d have never heard the end of it if he’d got one wrong…

Gove hasn’t found it so easy convincing friends of his new money-making scheme, however. Last week he told a room of sceptical Tory activists:

“Many of you are strapped for cash. You need money. I have a guaranteed 100% successful money-making scheme which will double your funds. Go down to William Hill and bet on a majority Conservative victory and David Cameron as Prime Minister after the next General Election. You heard it here first. It is a guaranteed win.”

Bookies will more than double your money if you risk making Gove’s wager…

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Quote of the Day

Michael Gove in the present tense…
‘The Prime Minister is doing a great job at the moment’


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